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    Let's talk about ISO 26262 (1)

    Posted by michael 1 Year ago

    The ISO 26262 series of standards is the adaptation of IEC 61508 series of standards to address the sector specific needs of electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems within road vehicles. This adaptation applies to all activities during the safety lifecycle of safety-related systems compri...... View More

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    How to concentrate on reading a book?

    Posted by Xiufang.Ding 2 Year ago

    It will take me a long time to finish reading a book. How to read a book? ... View More

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    Peak current mode control  is very popular in DCDC SMPS.It has many advantages,but it is  susceptible to noise.When the duty cycle is greater than 0.5, it oscillates.This attached PDF explains the symptom in theory. Oscillation of PCM ... View More

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    Average current mode control in SMPS

    Posted by zheng3726 2 Year ago

    Current mode control as usually implemented in switching power supplies actually senses and controls peak inductor current. This gives rise to many serious problems, including poor noise immunity,a need for slope compensation, and peak-to-average current errors which the ...... View More

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    Announcing the Wolfspeed 650V Series of SiC MOSFETs

    Posted by jackey.zhang 2 Year ago

    These new SiC Mosfets maybe good choice for high Power density, Specially 60-mΩ  for 1~2kw level. https://www.wolfspeed.com/knowledge-center/article/announcing-the-wolfspeed-650v-series-of-sic-mosfets?utm_source=press-release&utm_medium=web-pr&utm_campaign=650v ... View More

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