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    Upper Computer Programming

    Posted by Sumi 2 Day ago

        I'm a green hand who has only half a year experience in upper computer programming. I write this blog in one way to record the growth experience for review it in the future. What’s more, sharing it with others who may teach me more or who will get something from it.   ...... View More

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    Silicon Carbide MOSFET Discretes

    Posted by jackey.zhang 4 Day ago

        Infineon had posted first a utomative 1200V Cool silicarbide mosfe t : AIMW120R04 5M1, wtih " An excellent immunity against unwanted parasitic turn-on effects enables a benchmark low dynamic loss even at zero volt turn-off voltage in bridge topologies". However, CREE...... View More

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    A little survey

    Posted by zheng3726 2 Week ago

    Imagine you are 50 years in the future. You come to a car-sales event to purchase your very first self-driving autopilot car.These cars will revolutionise road safety, having far better reaction speeds and split-second decision-making capabilities than a human driver.However, the sales agent explain...... View More

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    I Miss The Sun

    Posted by sherry.shen 2 Week ago

    It's going to rain again these days. It feels like it's always raining......Maybe there is a hole in the sky......... View More

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    You Can Make a Difference

    Posted by mrpower 2 Week ago

    We are in an endeavor to revolutionize the whole industry changing the way of professional life and business dealing. We are at the very early stage of the game and it requires our putting hour heart and belief in it.  We see just a few who have been consistently making posts here, yet we se...... View More

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