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    I Miss The Sun

    Posted by sherry.shen 11 Month ago

    It's going to rain again these days. It feels like it's always raining......Maybe there is a hole in the sky......... View More

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    You Can Make a Difference

    Posted by mrpower 11 Month ago

    We are in an endeavor to revolutionize the whole industry changing the way of professional life and business dealing. We are at the very early stage of the game and it requires our putting hour heart and belief in it.  We see just a few who have been consistently making posts here, yet we se...... View More

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    Year-end Remarks 2019

    Posted by coowa 11 Month ago

    Dear Coowa Members, Today, 12/31/2019, marks the end of Coowa’s first year - the Year of Creation. Due to deficiencies in its marketplace functions, Coowa did not do full-blown marketing campaigns in this first year. The Coowa community features (Resources and Forum) have been available for ...... View More

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    High Volt Interactive Training Series

    Posted by MurphyBlackBook 1 Year ago

    What is happening guys? I am back. Today, I would like to share a website link with you. When I last checked, it was updated to 2018. I've watched most training courses out of 2017 and 2018. It is fundamental, practical and helpful. And in 2019, it seems that TI is bringing us more with high...... View More

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       When I studied  the power electronic technology  about the high frequency transformer at school. I understood the magnetizing current is the current in primary winding in no laod condition. So there is no magnetizing current in secondary winding? Bu...... View More

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