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    Announcing the Wolfspeed 650V Series of SiC MOSFETs

    Posted by jackey.zhang 2 Year ago

    These new SiC Mosfets maybe good choice for high Power density, Specially 60-mΩ  for 1~2kw level. https://www.wolfspeed.com/knowledge-center/article/announcing-the-wolfspeed-650v-series-of-sic-mosfets?utm_source=press-release&utm_medium=web-pr&utm_campaign=650v ... View More

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    Silicon Carbide MOSFET Discretes

    Posted by jackey.zhang 2 Year ago

        Infineon had posted first a utomative 1200V Cool silicarbide mosfe t : AIMW120R04 5M1, wtih " An excellent immunity against unwanted parasitic turn-on effects enables a benchmark low dynamic loss even at zero volt turn-off voltage in bridge topologies". However, CREE...... View More

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    48V System in e-Mobility Applications

    Posted by mrpower 2 Year ago

    I posted knowledge on 48V mild HEV and made comment there.  Developing bi-directional, unregulated 48V to 12V DC-DC converter will have great value in both passenger and non-passenger vehicle market.  Golf carts are going for 48V system.... View More

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    We usually only mention safety isolation voltage. in some case, users concern the working isolation voltage. Can we derive the working voltage rating according to the product safety isolation voltage? Here it is for a reference. Does it make sense? Typical break down voltage rating accordin...... View More

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    Money talks.  Seems that people are OK with trying to improve the environment......as long as it doesn't take money out of their pockets.  What are your thoughts on this?   https://www.foxnews.com/auto/illinois-1000-electric-vehicle-legislation ... View More

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