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    Mosfet Shortage

    Posted by Gwen 1 Year ago

    Due to capacity reallocation and reduction from record high merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the last couple of years and demand increase in IoT, automotive and other emerging markets, the electronics industry has been facing severe shortages from the second half of 2017 into 2019...... View More

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    Posted by thomas 1 Year ago

    Inrush limiting reduces the current flowing into the input terminals when the supply is first switched on. It should not be confused with “soft start,” which is a separate function controlling the way the power converter starts its switching action. In the interests of minimum size and weight, mo...... View More

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    Among the young professionals who graduated from schools within a few years, some of them have strong desire to advance. Those who don't are not worth to discuss. However, a common mistake they often make is trying to short cut the path of the learning curve. Take the electrical designer position...... View More

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    I read an article that echoes with what I wrote a few days ago about the future of the cars. Here is the article by  By  Kara Swisher Ms. Swisher covers technology and is a contributing opinion writer. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/22/opinion/end-of-cars-uber-lyft.h...... View More

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    DC Fast Charging Protocol

    Posted by mrpower 1 Year ago

    Any one can help with the EV fast charging protocols in Mexico?... View More

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