On-board Power Engineer

Release date: 2019-11-27 11:45:14
Company NetPower China
Country/Territory: Shanghai, China
Job Description:
Recruiting Numbers: 2
Years of Working: more than 5 years

1. Electronic hardware design for EV on-board power supply and power modules;
2. Guarantee the product function, performance, manufacturability, quality and cost etc. meet the requirements of product design;
3. Responsible for preliminary design and technical documentation of detail design;
4. Focuses on the on-board power hardware core technology breakthrough and new technology development;
5. Develop and maintain on-board power system, identify and solve the design problems;
6. Provide technical support and training upon requirements of engineering, quality and sales departments;

1. Majored in power electronics or related field, bachelor degree or above;
2. Fours years experience for bachelor or one year experience for master is required;
3. Proficient in design and analyze of power topology and control loop, suppression methods for conduction and radiation, features of power switch and magnetic components, analogy circuit design and component selection;
4. Familiar with on-board power production process and testing program;
5. Capable of experimental debugging and fault analysis and investigation;
Deadline: 2020-12-31
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