Mechanical Engineer

Release date: 2019-11-27 11:45:14
Company NetPower China
Country/Territory: Shanghai, China
Job Description:
Recruiting Number:1
Years of Working: more than 3 years

1. Concept and detail design of product mechanical and thermal features upon project requirements;
2. Arrange design schedule to meet company and department plan;
3. Work with project team, hardware team and layout team to solve technical problems cooperatively;
4. Mechanical design and verification of standard power modules and custom products;
5. Mechanical design and verification of high - low temperature and vibration test fixtures;
6. Product verification, deficiency improvement, modification and review archiving;
7. Support for unforeseen tasks such as dissipation, static stress, vibrate stress etc.;
8. Technical exchange and guidance within team; 9. Project early-stage needs identification, mechanical and thermal design, details design and verification;

1. More than 2 years electric design experience, majored in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, Materials or Thermodynamics related fields, bachelor degree or above;
2. Proficient in metal plate product design;
3. Familiar with machining product design, materials application and selection and product surface treatment;
4. Proficient in product thermal design, EV on-board power thermal simulation experience would be a plus;
5. Understand static stress and vibration analysis and reinforcement design; having knowledge of EMC, environment test and vibration test etc.;
6. Know well about key points of product structural design, good at analyzing and solving problems;
7. Proficient in utilizing PROE, AUTOCAD, and office software, able to read English standards and good at communication
Deadline: 2020-12-31
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