Xiamen SET Electronics Co., Ltd. (SETfuse for short) is a company which is engaged in designing and manufacturing circuit protection components and providing integrated circuit protection solutions. SETfuse is specialized in the innovative protection fields of Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Active Protection and Multiple Protection.

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Product Information

  • Temperature Fuses

    Separation of faulty batteries for power battery parallel modules, secondary protection of control units.

  • MOV

    Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) as one nonlinear resistance element is mainly made of zinc oxide (ZnO), which has very high surge capacity and big nonlinear coefficient. Below the threshold voltage, its resistance is very high, nearly no current flows through, but above the threshold voltage, the resistance reduces sharply, huge current can be discharged. Due to this characteristic, Varistor as a protection component in electronic and electrical equipment can absorb abnormal over .

  • Thermal Fuse&MOV

    SET's Thermal Fuse & Mov (TFMOV) is a patented product in which the in-built Thermal Fuse and MOV are able to achieve timely heat conducting owing to the effective thermo-coupling structure. TFMOV has over voltage protection, surge protection and multiple protection functions. The in-built MOV has very high surge capacity and over voltage withstanding ability, the in-built Thermal Fuse's fusible alloy with low impedance has the same surge capacity as MOV, furthermore, there is no contact, impedance between MOV and Thermal Fuse, therefore, TFMOV will not be permanent short circuit under high surge impact, and MOV is able to be disconnected from the circuit under abnormal situations, to avoid any fire risk.

  • Surge Protective Device (SPD) Modules

    Protection and Remote Signal Indication functions. Each signle module can be Common Mode Protection, Differential Mode Protection or All-mode Protection. It is mainly applicable for low voltage single phase AC or DC power system. The integrated structure of SPD is convenient for users to design and install. Compared with the discrete SPD assemblies, SET's SPD module is more space saving. The enclosed space of thermal protection can improve the suitability for environment.