How to become a Coowa member?

Coowa has individual and company membership for users to select and register, if you just want to be an independent buyer, service provider or information contributor, you can sign up as an individual member; otherwise, you can choose to be a company member.

When you are at the Coowa homepage, go to upper right and find below button, then you will enter the sign up page.

When you are at the sign up page, choose your type of member ship and proceed, columns with * can't be leave blank, you can also fill in other fields or update them when you are logged in. But you have to make sure you have your real personal information before you make purchase or do other business which may require certain information.

Coowa allow members to sell or purchase services, if you are interested in this kind of service, check the box with the blue square, and then you have to provide more inform as showed below with * marks, please click summit after your input of all necessary information, make sure you read the terms and statement details before your submission.

Regular members could be registered immediately after your submission, but if you want to be a service provider, you will have to wait for a while after submission, Coowa will review your submitted materials and give you feedback the soonest possible.

Any problems concerning member registration, please contact: or just submit your inquiry through feedback function at the bottom of the page.