Coowa Product Column Overview

Coowa is an excellent marketplace for electronic products and services; it is also a community for industry professionals.

There are five major function modules for users to explore; here you can find the overview of the product module.

First, click "Products" label or "View All" under this label to go to the product category page or just move your mouse to a certain category under the navigation column and go to the corresponding page.

Choose the product category you are interested, and you will enter the product list page.

You can filter the product list by selecting key specs in the upper column and find what you need, scroll to the right to find more specs.

If you want to place an order, just revise the quantity and click the cart button to add this part to your shopping cart or you can click the product picture/part number to go to the product detail page to find more information about this product, some product have grading offer, some may don't have this information, so you can click "Request for Quote" link to get in touch with the support team and get the quantity based prices.

Find more from the help center or contact Coowa support.