• UltraSoC and Canis Labs partner to secure the CAN bus

    UltraSoC and Canis Automotive Labs are looking to address one of the most serious cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the automotive industry: the lack of security features within the CAN bus. Announcing a partnership the two companies will look to secure the CAN bus, which is commonly u......view more

  • Texas Instruments makes it harder to run programs on its calculators

    Texas Instruments’ graphing calculators have a reputation as hobbyist devices given their program support, but they just lost some of their appeal. Cemetech has learned (via Linus Tech Tips) that Texas Instruments is pulling support for assembly- and C-based programs on the TI-84 Plus CE and its ......view more

  • China set to launch Mars probe and rover mission in July

    China's space program will launch a Mars  mission in July, according to its current plans. This will include deploying an orbital probe to study the red planet, and a robotic, remotely-controlled rover for surface exploration. The U.S. has also been planning another robotic rover mission for......view more

  • Fast-Charging Super-Capacitor Technology Unveiled for Clean Energy Storage

    Experts from the University of Surrey believe their dream of clean energy storage is a step closer after they unveiled their ground-breaking super-capacitor technology that is able to store and deliver electricity at high power rates, particularly for mobile applications. In a paper publishe......view more

  • Charge a Car Battery in 5 Minutes? That’s the Plan

    Several companies have built lithium-ion batteries that can fully charge in a matter of minutes. Their next goal: getting these into electric vehicles. Late last year,  Formula E officials announced the specs for the third generation of all-electric race cars that will debut ......view more

  • Contact-free body temperature and facial recognition check

    Review Display Systems (RDS) has launched an access management station which offers a safe and efficient control solution for personnel checking in to a work environment. With lockdowns caused by the ongoing pandemic set to ease, for employees returning to work, increased safety will be para......view more

  • 2400W Buck/Boost Non-isolated Converter with Current-Share and Current-Limit

    Richardson, Texas, May 6, 2020 - NetPower announces the release of 9-60V to 0-60V 2400W buck/boost non-isolated converter. This NYWH5 converter adopts full digital control and supports PMBus.  The optimized power train design achieves up to 97% conversion efficiency.   ......view more

  • Tesla rolls out Autopilot navigation for traffic lights and stop signs

    Tesla has been developing Autopilot navigation for traffic lights and stop signs for quite some time, and now the feature is finally ready for the public. According to Electrek, the automaker has released a Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature for its Autopilot technology as part of the 20......view more

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