• An unintended consequence of self-driving cars?

    The benefits of self-driving cars are likely to prompt vehicle owners to drive more, and that extra distance could partially or completely offset the potential energy-saving benefits that automation may provide, according to a University of Michigan study. ......view more

  • World's fastest hydrogen sensor could pave the way for clean hydrogen energy

    Hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy carrier that can power vehicles, with water as the only emission. Unfortunately, hydrogen gas is highly flammable when mixed with air, so very efficient and effective sensors are needed. Now, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, pres......view more

  • Foxconn Wisconsin deal to be re-negotiated

    The State’s previous governor, Scott Walker, had agreed to give Foxconn $4 billion in incentives and tax breaks. “The present contract deals with a situation that no longer exists so it’s our goal to make sure that the taxpayers are protected and environmental standards are protected, and we......view more

  • Huawei expects double digit telecoms growth in 2019

    “We’ve seen an overall optimism and acceleration in the industry regarding 5G deployment since the second half of last year,” said Hu at the company’s annual results meeting,  “we expect our carrier business to achieve double-digit growth this year.” Hu applauds Europe’s attitude to the......view more

  • New discovery makes fast-charging, better performing lithium-ion batteries possible

    Creating a lithium-ion battery that can charge in a matter of minutes but still operate at a high capacity is possible, according to research from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute just published in  Nature Communications . This development has the potential to improve battery performance for......view more

  • Laser processing method to increase efficiency of optoelectronic devices

    Researchers discover new method to passivate defects in next generation optical materials. Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) discovered a new method to passivate defects in next generation optical materials to improve optical quality and enable the miniaturizat......view more

  • UK manufacturer doubles work space in Yorkshire

    The firm produces a range of sub-contract electronic products and PCB assemblies. Its shareholders purchased 9,600 sq ft, spread across the three units on the Thornton Road Industrial estate, investing more than £500,000 in acquisition and modernisation – it had been leasing two of the units......view more

  • Semi manufacturing equipment spend expected to decline 14% this year and grow 27% next year

    Spurred by a slowdown in the memory sector, the 2019 downturn marks the end of a three-year growth run for fab equipment spending. Over the past two years, memory accounted for an annual share of about 55% of all equipment, a proportion expected to drop to as low as 45% in 2019 but rebound t......view more

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