• A New Generation Of Power Electronics Will Make Electric Cars More Efficient

    A large consortium of industrial and academic players will for the first time in Europe introduce silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) in the power electronic circuits and charging infrastructure of electrified vehicles - including electric and hybrid cars. This way, they will help......view more

  • Increasing the performance of LED Drivers

    Increasing the performance of LED Drivers By Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, Editor In Chief The market for LED drivers in commercial and industrial lighting applications will grow over $ 4.3 billion over the next few years, mainly driven by the high adoption rate of mo......view more

  • JLR Installs UK’s Largest Smart EV Charging Facility

    Jaguar Land Rover has installed 166 smart charging outlets for electric vehicles at its Gaydon engineering centre. The outlets are for use by employees to encourage uptake of electric vehicles - because research shows 40% of electric car charging in Europe takes place at work. ......view more

  • 200W power supply’s triple isolated outputs, perfect for robotic controllers and factory automation

    Cosel announced the release of a 200W, open-frame, configurable AC/DC power supply with triple outputs tailored for robotic controllers and factory automation. Based on a unique concept, the Cosel RB series offers three configurable isolated outputs, with one having a reinforced isolation to pow......view more

  • Is The UK Really Ready For An Electric Vehicle Rollout?

    A report by Aurora Energy Research found that the number of EVs on the road in Great Britain could even rise from 140,000 last year to as many as 35 million by 2040. The same report revealed that up to three million C&I charging points could be required across Great Britain to support the mas......view more

  • Infineon: 1000 A voltage regulator for next generation AI and 5G networking

    Infineon Technologies extends its portfolio of high current system chipset solutions with the industry’s first 16-phase digital PWM multiphase controller, the XDPE132G5C. The portfolio enables currents of 500 to 1000 A and higher for next generation CPUs, GPUs, FPGA and ASICs used in high-end......view more

  • PQ Distributed Gap Cores for High Frequency Switch-Mode Power

    Micrometals  has introduce its new series of PQ distributed gap cores.  The rectangular geometry of the PQ body is ideal for surface mount applications while the round center post readily accepts helical flat wire coils, or bobbins with round wire.  The cores are offered in six ind......view more

  • Electric car production hit by China subsidy cut

    The electric car production industry will be hit hard by a decision by the China government to cut subsidies to electric car buyers by more than half. As from June the $9,830 subsidy given by central government to the buyer of an electric car will be cut to $4,100. Local gov......view more