• New LED Drivers from Taiwan Semiconductor Reach Many Automotive Applications

    Taiwan Semiconductor augmented its existing TSCR4xx line of LED drivers with two new low-side constant current regulators for automotive LEDs. TSC recently announced the availability of the TSCR420CX6H and the TSCR421CX6H . The AEC-Q100 qualified LED drivers regulate with a preset 1......view more

  • TDK Claims World’s Smallest Point-of-Load DC-DC Converter

    ?POL DC-DC converters in compact size, with highest power density point-of-load, lend themselves to a wide variety of applications like big data, AI, and 5G cells. AAC's Mark Hughes interviewed TDK’s Rich Fry at APEC about their new ?POL series of DC-DC converters, which can handle up to......view more

  • EU Releases ?750 Million in Funding for Clean Energy Infrastructure

    The  European Commission  has released ?750 million of funding for key European energy infrastructure projects with major cross-border benefits. Supporting the construction of necessary infrastructure, contributes to the Commission’s energy policy priorities of improving energy security......view more

  • Development Initiative for IP67 LED Drivers for Outdoor Lighting

    Brightworks Technology, Inc.  debuted its new development initiative to produce reliable, efficient, compact, and water-resistant ac-dc LED drivers for demanding outdoor, architectural lighting, signage, and horticulture applications. After more than a year of market r......view more

  • Digitally-Controlled GaN-Based 1.5kW Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC Reference Design

    At this weeks’ IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference in Anaheim, California,  GaN Systems and  Solantro Semiconductor  were highlighting the performance and benefits of a 1.5kW Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC controlled by advanced digital control methods coupled with 650V GaN e......view more

  • Researchers develop thermogalvanic brick that generates electricity

    An international team of scientists, led by King’s College London, have developed a thermogalvanic brick that generates electricity as long as the two faces of the brick are at different temperatures. This is due to balanced ‘electrochemical’ reduction and oxidation processes occurring inside the......view more

  • The Emerging 48V Ecosystem

    Due to its characteristics, 48V has always been considered as the highest “safe voltage.” According to standard and certification agencies such as UL or IAC, 60V is the voltage level where extra protection on the cables (such as galvanic isolation or  extra strength  insulation) starts ......view more

  • Accurately quantifying core losses via precision power analysis?

    The ability to provide an accurate measure of core losses is of considerable significance to magnetic and thermal design. This topic is becoming increasingly important due to the introduction of new semiconductor technologies, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride, able to operate at incre......view more