• A rubber computer eliminates the last hard components from soft robots

    A new rubber computer combines the feel of a human hand with the thought process of an electronic computer, replacing the last hard components in soft robots. Now, soft robotics can travel where metals and electronics cannot -- like high-radiation disaster areas, outer-space, and deep underwater......view more

  • Can artificial intelligence solve the mysteries of quantum physics?

    Under the direction of Mobileye founder Amnon Shashua, a research group at Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Engineering and Computer Science has proven that artificial intelligence (AI) can help us understand the world on an infinitesimally small scale called quantum physics phenomena. ......view more

  • New polymer mixture creates ultra-sensitive heat sensor

    Scientists at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics have developed an ultra-sensitive heat sensor that is flexible, transparent and printable. The results have potential for a wide range of applications -- from wound healing and electronic skin to smart buildings. The ultra-sensitive hea......view more

  • Autonomous Driving – Getting it Right Before Handing Over the Keys

    Relinquishing human control of the car on a mass scale is, for sure, a major step to take. There are emotional/human acceptance as well as technical barriers to overcome. Succeeding in the latter needs to be based on a huge amount of data, proving and validation. Accumulating all o......view more

  • Jacobs abandons buy-out bid for Qualcomm

    Paul Jacobs (pictured) has given up his attempt to buy Qualcomm and turn it into a privately held company. Jacobs, the son of Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs and a former CEO and Chairman of Qualcomm, was voted off the board last year a few days after President Trump blocked Broad......view more

  • JLR Installs UK’s Largest Smart EV Charging Facility

    The outlets are for use by employees to encourage uptake of electric vehicles - because research shows 40% of electric car charging in Europe takes place at work. Charging points will also be installed in the visitors' car park, so guests can take advantage of convenient fast charging. This sm......view more

  • Is The UK Really Ready For An Electric Vehicle Rollout?

    A report by Aurora Energy Research found that the number of EVs on the road in Great Britain could even rise from 140,000 last year to as many as 35 million by 2040. The same report revealed that up to three million C&I charging points could be required across Great Britain to support the mas......view more

  • ROHM Announces New Automotive-Grade SIC MOSFET Series

    Augmenting its existing SCT3xxxxxHR series, the new AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs utilize a trench gate structure and are available in variants featuring either 650V or 1200V breakdown voltages. The Challenges Posed by the Rise of the Electric Vehicle Rohm has augmented its SCT3xxxxxHR ......view more