• China won't play victim role amid US tariff hikes

    China announced it was considering levying additional temporary tariffs on US agricultural imports on all agreements made after August 3. Meanwhile, Chinese companies have suspended purchasing US agricultural products. The decision was made following the US move to slap an additional 10 percent in ......view more

  • Flex starts to lay off employees; ‘may be put on unreliable entity list’ over Huawei seizure

    Flex may be put on unreliable entity list: experts Photo: IC US original equipment manufacturer Flex has reportedly started to lay off employees since it earlier detained Huawei's assets privately and was removed from Huawei's supply chain. Experts noted if Flex's move w......view more

  • Huawei smartphone with proprietary OS arriving Q4

    On Friday, Huawei is set to unveil its HongMeng OS – its alternative to Android which the US government is preventing Huawei from using. Huawei could put a smartphone using the HongMeng OS on the market in Q4, reports the China newspaper Global Times. It is reported that the......view more

  • HK leader warns HK on verge of 'dangerous situation'

    Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said Monday she would not be stepping down and warned that the city of Hong Kong, which is now "full of bullying and maltreatment," is on the verge of a "very dangerous situation."  "I don't think at this point in time resignation of myself or some of ......view more

  • Apple suppliers hit by iPhone woes

    Apple's key suppliers in China are undergoing a painful transition to ease their reliance on the U.S. technology company as iPhone sales woes erode their profitability and the ongoing China-U.S. war casts shadows over working with an American company.  While some have already turned to ......view more

  • China's 5G smartphones hit market today

    (ECNS) - China’s two leading e-commerce marketplaces, JD.com and Suning.com, are both claiming to have sold the first domestically produced 5G smartphone on Monday.  Following a pre-sale phase, ZTE Corp released its Axon 10 Pro 5G, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 mobile platform an......view more

  • Korea chip industry braces for new hit from Japan

    On August 28th, Japan removes Korea from its preferential trading partner list – the White List – and further problems are expected for the Korean chip industry which is heavily dependent on Japanese suppliers Last month, Japan began requiring case-by-case approval for exports of......view more

  • US failure to keep its word hinders trade talks

    Washington suddenly announced that it will impose a 10 percent tariff on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese exports to the US. This news has shocked the world and is another example of Washington publicly flip-flopping and breaking promises. From China's white paper on China-US economic an......view more