• Impossible Foods' Meatless Patty Coming to a Grocery Store near You

    Chew on this piece of news: meat-free Impossible Foods' 'burgers' have been approved for sale from grocery stores. You may be watching your carbon footprint of late, and luckily for you, Impossible Foods' plant-based 'burger' patties will be available for purchase straight off the s......view more

  • UK gets new unicorn

    The UK has a new unicorn with six year-old Babylon Health securing a $550 million Series C valuing the company at $2 billion. Babylon has an app called ‘GP in Hand’ which diagnoses diseases. The NHS has authorized it to be listed by patients as their primary ca......view more

  • Infineon entering a new dimension

    Infineon had calendar Q2 revenues of  €2,015 million up 2% from calendar Q1’s €1,983 million. The profit was €317 million. The forecast for calendar Q3 is plus 1% and the forecast for the year is revenue of €8 billion. “Infineon remains on course,” said Reinhard Plo......view more

  • Apple has $53.8 billion quarter and growing

    Apple had calendar Q2 revenues of $53.8 billion of which iPhone contributed $26 billion, Services contributed $11.5 billion, iPad contributed $5 billion, Mac contributed $5.8 billion and Wearables and home appliances contributed  $5.5 billion. For calendar Q3 Apple expects reve......view more

  • UK could be cashless by 2030

    Between January and May there were 8.7% fewer cash withdrawals in London than in the same period last year; in the South East the decline was 7.9%; in the South West the drop was 7.7%, and in the North-East the decline was 3.7%, says LINK the UK’s biggest ATM network. ......view more

  • NEWS Huawei Sees 23% Growth in First Half of 2019 despite U.S. Ban

    Even though the U.S. has their blacklist still strongly in place against Huawei, the Chinese company's sales are strong. Expectations for Huawei's smartphone sales to dramatically drop have been high since its blacklist ban from the U.S. in May this year. However, the Chinese tech giant h......view more

  • VNX: Extending VPX into small form factor systems

    The VNX  VITA 74 specification is substantially derived from the VPX and OpenVPX standards and adapts the technology to a smaller form factor. System designers looking to utilize the specification can gain from examining the evolution of VNX as well as observing the various Size, Weight, and......view more

  • Alibaba chip subsidiary launches first processor

    HANGZHOU - Alibaba's chip-making subsidiary Pingtouge Semiconductor Thursday launched its first processor XuanTie 910 built on an open-source architecture. The processor can be used in applications in fields including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving, according to Alib......view more