• Lotus Evija: The World's First All-Electric British Hypercar Is Here

    Lotus will hope that the new Lotus Evija provides strong competition for Tesla's Roadster. The price might be a barrier. Lotus Evija, the world's first all-electric British hypercar is making its world debut in London. Evija — pronounced “E-vi-ya” — will eventually......view more

  • Huawei makes 70% cut in US R&D staff

    Huawei is cutting 600 jobs – 70% of its total workforce – at Futurewei its US R&D arm. Huawei gave as the reason the “curtailment of business operations” as a result of the US DoC putting it on the Entity List of companies with restricted access to purchasing US tech components ......view more

  • China wants to track and grade each citizen’s actions — it’s in the testing phase

    The Chinese government is running up against a self-imposed 2020 deadline to formulate a nationwide social credit plan. The proposed system tries to create a standard for tracking individual actions across Chinese society, and rewarding or punishing accordingly. It’s sparked f......view more

  • Softbank launches Vision Fund 2

    Earlier today SoftBank announced Vision Fund 2 saying it has MOUs from investors totalling $108 billion. Vision Fund 1 raised $97 billion. Softbank says it will invest $38 billion in VF2 and that others investing are Microsoft, Foxconn, Apple, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Standard......view more

  • China has world's largest network of charging facilities for electric vehicles

    China has built the world's largest network of charging facilities for electric vehicles, as 1 million charging piles had been completed by the end of June, an official said Thursday. The country has been promoting clean and low-carbon energy, and the proportion of non-fossil energy in elect......view more

  • Tesla shares plunge as it reports big Q2 loss

    Tesla shares took a hit after the electric carmaker reported a large loss in the second quarter, but said it expects to be profitable soon (AFP Photo/Frederic J. BROWN) New York (AFP) - Tesla shares plunged Wednesday as the electric carmaker reported a bigger-than-expected......view more

  • Tesla Gets Some EV Competition From Audi's e-Tron

    Audi sold 856 e-Tron electric SUVs in May, closing in on Tesla, which sold 1,000 Model X vehicles in the same month. Move over Tesla, there’s a new player in the electric vehicle market that is doing brisk business, at least in the month of May.  That’s when Audi launch......view more

  • SOX soars

    The SOX gained 2.2% yesterday after TI’s optimism about Q3 gave the market reassurance. TI’s own shares went up 8%. Although TI’s Q2 revenues were down y-o-y at $3.67 billion, the company forecast Q3 revenues of $3.65 billion to $3.95 billion. Asked about China sale......view more