• Apple's iPhone 11 is All About the Camera

    Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 which has a new wide angle camera and the latest version of its A13 Bionic chip. Apple enthusiasts looking to upgrade their iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch won’t be disappointed.  During the Cupertino, California’s much anticipated annual pr......view more

  • Beijing integrates pollution monitoring, traffic control, 5G station into street lights

    Beijing is testing a new smart street light featuring air pollution monitoring devices, police cameras, traffic cameras and 5G signal hubs. Each function used to have a separate pole, which cluttered the streets of the capital city.  Media reports welcomed the poles for combining&nbs......view more

  • A Company Creates the First 3D Printed Mini Heart

    3D printing is transforming all industries from space to construction. Now we can add healthcare to the list.  BIOLIFE4D, the biotech company based out of Chicago, announced it has successfully demonstrated the ability to 3D bioprint a mini human heart, a big step in someday printing ou......view more

  • Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics Begin Testing Self-Driving Trucks on Public Roads

    Daimler Trucks along with Torc Robotics have started to test its self-driving trucks on public roads.  In a  press release , the two said the initial routes are on highways located in southwest Virginia where Torc Robotics is based. All of the automated runs of the  self-......view more

  • SK Telecom and Samsung to develop 5G-8K TV

    SK Telecom and Samsung have signed an MOU to jointly develop and commercialise the world’s first 5G-8K TV. The 5G-8K TV will revolutionize users’ television-watching experience by directly receiving 8K video over SK Telecom’s 5G network. SK Telecom plans to apply Mobile Edge C......view more

  • Electric car sales subsidy to be abolished

    Electric car purchase subsidies are on the chopping block according to the new transport secretary Grant Shapps. “I make no bones about it,” says Shapps, “we want to remove all the subsidy. So you can see this in two ways. If you are out there reading this, thinking of buying an ele......view more

  • Inflatable Backseat Mattress

    Source: Amazon Calling all road-trippers (or people who really love their car)! Now you never have to leave the comfort of your vehicle while on the road with this  inflatable in-car airbed . Had a long day of driving and need a quic......view more

  • Pedal-Less Bike

    Source: Fliz ADVERTISEMENT Behold the Fliz pedal-less bicycle. That’s right, it’s a bike — without pedals! So how does it work? The rider hangs from a harness, as pictured, and builds speed with his or her feet. The rid......view more