• Electric Transport Revolution Set To Spread Rapidly Into Commercial Vehicle Market

    Electric vehicles, or EVs, are on track to dominate global sales of passenger cars and buses by 2040, and to encroach significantly on the market for vans and short-distance trucking, according to the latest forecast from research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF). Based on analysis of the evolving e......view more

  • ABB Launches Next Generation Central Inverter With Cooling Capabilities

    ABB's enhanced PVS980-58 central inverter was showcased at Europe's largest solar event, underlining ABB's portfolio of pioneering solar solutions The PVS980-58 central inverter, which was shortlisted for the Intersolar Award 2019, delivers high-power capabilities with 1500V. It enables one ......view more

  • Tariffs Force US Companies to Weigh Alternatives

    Small businesses contending with higher tariffs on Chinese imports must determine the best way to mitigate the damage to their profits after the duties rose to 25% from 10% last Friday. Some of the alternatives and considerations owners should look at: Move manufacturing to another......view more

  • Huawei's Richard Yu and Hyundai's Kyounglim Yun to Keynote at CES Asia 2019

    The  Consumer Technology Association  (CTA) announced the first two keynotes to take the stage at  CES Asia 2019.  Huawei's Richard Yu  and  Hyundai 's  Kyounglim Yun  are confirmed as the first two technology leaders to address the audien......view more

  • The best way for the US and China to end the trade war

    Despite President Donald Trump's move on Friday to  increase tariffs  on $200 billion of China's exports, the end to the US-China trade war may soon be within reach. If and when that happens, the question will be whether the United States can achieve lasting commercial "peace" ......view more

  • Securing IoT Products from Unique Threats

    In a recent security conference, a white-hat hacker maliciously injected an 830V shock in a pacemaker, simply by using a laptop at a distance of up to 15.24m. Needless to say that the “real-world impact” of such an attack could be deadly. There are claims that hackers can easily scale such attack......view more

  • New coating could have big implications for lithium batteries

    In a new discovery, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have developed a new cathode coating by using an oxidative chemical vapor deposition technique that can help solve these and several other potential issues with lithium-ion batteries all in one str......view more

  • Diodes: USB PD controller supports standard and proprietary protocols

    Diodes  introduced the AP43770 USB Type-C power delivery controller, a highly integrated solution for implementing PD over USB in fixed and portable devices, and offline power adapters. The AP43770 is well-suited to a range of applications where USB PD is implemented, including AC adapters,......view more