• Commons Science and Technology committee seeks suspension of facial recognition tech

    The use of automatic facial recognition technologies should be suspended says a report from the House of Commons Science and Technology committee. The committee says there are concerns over accuracy and bias and the use of the tech needs to be regulated. “It is unclear ......view more

  • Why are more of China’s students returning from overseas big fans of the Chinese economic model?

    Zhang Lin, a Beijing-based independent political economy commentator, questions why returnees are becoming ardent supporters of the government-directed model China’s economic boom offers returnees far more advantages than Western societies could upon their graduation ......view more

  • The United States Is Going After China’s Banks

    In the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, the treatment of Chinese tech giants such as Huawei and the plight of U.S. soybean farmers headlines the news. But the impact of a recent court ruling in Washington could open an expansive new front: China’s banks, and the thousands of businesses that depend o......view more

  • Facebook Faces Uphill Battle with its new Cryptocurrency

    Quick question – do you trust Facebook? Do you trust it with your personal info? With your darkest secrets? How about your money? That reflexive distrust is bad news for the social network’s new cryptocurrency, Libra. And politicians are launching a full-bore attack. A......view more

  • Japan ban on exports to Korea pushes up memory makers’ share price

    The DRAM spot market price has risen 15% in a week, says DRAMeXchange, thanks to the Japanese threat to withhold supplies of photoresist and hydrogen fluoride to Samsung and Hynix. Analysts are warning of further large price rises if the hobbling of supplies continues for long. ......view more

  • Qualcomm fined €242m for Icera gambit

    The EC has fined Qualcomm €242 million for abusing its market dominance in 3G baseband chipsets. Qualcomm sold below cost, with the aim of forcing its competitor Icera out of the market. Icera, of Bristol, founded by Stan Boland with Nigel Toon and Simon Knowles who now run ......view more

  • Samsung explores non-Japanese suppliers of hydrogen fluoride

    Samsung is testing hydrogen fluoride photoresist etching gas from non-Japanese companies, reports the Nikkei, as Japan’s government puts export curbs on Japanese suppliers. Samsung currently buys its photoresist from Stella Chemifa, Morita Chemical Industries and Showa Denko. ......view more

  • Four centres opened to develop EV charging systems

    Schneider Electric and  Edmundson Electrical have combined to open four EV Centres of Excellence.in Manchester, West Bromwich, Glasgow and Twickenham to develop expertise in smart, interoperable EV charging systems. This will support contractors in meeting growing EV infrastructure and ......view more