• Softbank launches Vision Fund 2

    Earlier today SoftBank announced Vision Fund 2 saying it has MOUs from investors totalling $108 billion. Vision Fund 1 raised $97 billion. Softbank says it will invest $38 billion in VF2 and that others investing are Microsoft, Foxconn, Apple, the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Standard......view more

  • China has world's largest network of charging facilities for electric vehicles

    China has built the world's largest network of charging facilities for electric vehicles, as 1 million charging piles had been completed by the end of June, an official said Thursday. The country has been promoting clean and low-carbon energy, and the proportion of non-fossil energy in elect......view more

  • Tesla shares plunge as it reports big Q2 loss

    Tesla shares took a hit after the electric carmaker reported a large loss in the second quarter, but said it expects to be profitable soon (AFP Photo/Frederic J. BROWN) New York (AFP) - Tesla shares plunged Wednesday as the electric carmaker reported a bigger-than-expected......view more

  • Tesla Gets Some EV Competition From Audi's e-Tron

    Audi sold 856 e-Tron electric SUVs in May, closing in on Tesla, which sold 1,000 Model X vehicles in the same month. Move over Tesla, there’s a new player in the electric vehicle market that is doing brisk business, at least in the month of May.  That’s when Audi launch......view more

  • SOX soars

    The SOX gained 2.2% yesterday after TI’s optimism about Q3 gave the market reassurance. TI’s own shares went up 8%. Although TI’s Q2 revenues were down y-o-y at $3.67 billion, the company forecast Q3 revenues of $3.65 billion to $3.95 billion. Asked about China sale......view more

  • Smartphones Can Make Us Dumb but Only Temporarily, Study Finds

    A recent study paper, including the results of two controlled experiments, has partially revealed the effects of smartphone use on our intelligence. The research shows that electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, can, in rare cases, diminish our ability to analyze and reason abo......view more

  • Huawei grows 30% in H1

    Despite its States-side woes, Huawei increased revenues by a third in H1, reports Bloomberg. That is better than H1 2018 but showed Q2 softness after Q1 grew 39%. Huawei is said to have kept its momentum running by a major selling push on 5G networking gear. Clearly ......view more

  • Gou loses presidential primary

    Foxconn founder and former chairman  Terry Gou (pictured), Taiwan’s richest man, has lost his party’s  primary election to be the next president  of Taiwan. Gou resigned as chairman and CEO of Foxconn earlier this year to make his run for the pr......view more