ANSI/VITA 62.0 Modular Power Supply Standard

Date:2019-03-27 Posted by:James View:875

VITA 62 defines both the mechanical and electrical requirements for COTS modules intended for creating modular power supplies. The primary focus is to support [VITA 46.0] and [VITA 65] systems with off the shelf modules that are compatible with the VPX specifications.

The embedded market has focused primarily on the need to standardize the use of COTS processing add-in modules as part of the VPX suite of standards. Before this standard system designers treated the power supply as a necessary evil, which is often an afterthought. Modular power supply suppliers provided ad hoc solutions that system developers must implement. Providing power for these systems had historically been left up the module vendor, requiring them to define what has, at times, been seen as a form of “black art.” This standard, however, defines a set of rules by which industry power supply vendors can build COTS products, for VPX systems, that will fit into VITA 62 compatible backplanes. Consequently, system developers can have multiple vendors for power supply modules. At this time the focus of this standard is to define modules for VPX systems. In the future this standard may also be extended into other form factors.

As part of the work to create VITA 62, a new connector system has been defined, optimized for the needs of VITA 62. This connector mechanically fits within the envelope defined in [VITA 46.0] for 3U and 6U Plug-In modules. This will facilitate the production of backplanes and allow system designers to define where and how many power supply modules are to be used within any given system.

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