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What’s the Difference Between Conventional and Planar Switch...

Date: 2019-07-30 14:40:09Posted by: Fred

The demand for higher efficiency and smaller packages has been the driving force behind advances in switch-mode power-conversion topologies including buck, boost, flyback, forward converters, and others. Requirements for smaller devices coupled wi...View More

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The address of the HEX file is not equal to the actual addre...

Date: 2019-07-01 20:05:12Posted by: Xiufang.Ding

The addresses of HEX files generated by different MCUs are not necessarily the same as the actual addresses.For example,The addresses of the HEX files generated by Microchip PIC16 MCUs are twice the actual addresses.The reason is that the MCU...View More

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Black spots in Immersion gold PCB

Date: 2019-06-27 09:47:42Posted by: mrpower

Blackpad occurs during the immersion gold deposit and not during assembly which is responsible only for revealing the defect. The primary factors are a very aggressive I Au reaction with the electroless nickel whereby there is severe hyper corros...View More

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Power Supply Safety Standards, Agencies, and Marks

Date: 2019-06-25 08:41:18Posted by: mrpower

This below link provides real good explanations to the important safety standards, agencies, and marks in the power supply industry, covering:  IEC 60950: Safety of Information Technology Equipment IEC 60065: Safety of Audio,...View More

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Magnetic Core

Date: 2019-06-13 15:40:16Posted by: Leo Qin

Ferroxcube core material and their suitable frequency range: Ferrite  f (kHz) 3C30 20- 200 3C34 20 -20...View More

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Resistor value with 5% accuracy

Date: 2019-05-28 16:28:12Posted by: Leo Qin

Generally, the values (ohm) of 5% accuracy resistor include : 1.0    5.6    33     160     820      3.9K     20K     100K     510K&n...View More

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Date: 2019-05-27 21:51:57Posted by: louis.xi

This detailed section contains an in-depth explanation of the numerous PWM functions, and how to maximize their usefulness. It covers a multitude of practical circuit design considerations, such as slope compensation, gate drive circuitry, externa...View More

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Small-Signal Modeling of DC Converters with Digital Peak-Cur...

Date: 2019-05-21 23:13:40Posted by: louis.xi

DC power converters with digital feedback control offer advantages of flexibility and programmability. The research in this area has attracted much attention in recent year . Designing the feedback for such converters requires detailed modeling ...View More

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