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Using the substitution theorem to derive Thevenin resistance...

Date: 2021-09-14Posted by: coowa

Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits are a valuable analytical tool for circuit designers and researchers. How to obtain the Thevenin resistance and Norton conductance of a network with available network theorems?   For more informa...View More

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Thermal Derating

Date: 2019-12-25Posted by: mrpower

Designers using modular power converters for their systems know how critical a thermal derating curve is to the success of their design. No offense to marketing people, but the bulleted features on the front page of the datasheet such as those cla...View More

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Date: 2019-12-25Posted by: mrpower

Abstract: Modern DC-DC converters use PWM controllers with integrated MOSFETs to achieve the highest power density for DC-DC modules. Since the power MOSFETs are inside the PWM chip, they can significantly affect the thermal performance of the dev...View More

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Integrating Location Technology into Feature Phones

Date: 2020-12-08Posted by: coowa

Bringing hybrid-positioning functionality, typically found in smartphones, to feature phones generally requires smart design tactics to maintain their lower cost levels. What you’ll learn:  * The importance of location technologies ...View More

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