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Limitations of Potential Pulsing on Thick Film Flat Chip Res...

Date: 2019-04-24Posted by: louis.xi

    Surface mount rectangular flat chip resistors are susceptible to failure under some high voltage conditions. In circuitry where there is a possibility of transient potentials, considerable high voltage may be applied to a resistor f...View More

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What is the Difference Between Sinking and Sourcing Digital ...

Date: 2019-04-02Posted by: James

What is the Difference Between Sinking and Sourcing Digital I/O? Issue Details I am setting up digital inputs and outputs on my system, and I want to make sure that I have enough current to drive the correct digita...View More

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China EV Charging Standard vs. Other Standards

Date: 2019-05-15Posted by: mrpower

In North America, Japan and Europe, a little standards battle over fast charging connectors and protocols is brewing between the car makers.  The Japanese carmakers are pushing CHAdeMO, the European and North American carmakers settled on the...View More

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Summing Amplifier

Date: 2019-04-27Posted by: mrpower

The Summing Amplifier The  Summing Amplifier  is another type of operational amplifier circuit configuration that is used to combine the voltages present on two or more inputs into a single output voltage. We saw pre...View More

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understanding buck power stages in switchmode power suppl...

Date: 2019-04-27Posted by: louis.xi

A switching power supply consists of the power stage and the control circuit. The power stage performs the basic power conversion from the input voltage to the output voltage and includes switches and the output filter. This paper addresses the ...View More

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LLC Converter Operation

Date: 2019-03-31Posted by: mrpower

I found a paper by Microsemi as attached. This paper in my view is a very good one, which illustrates the principle of LLC operation based on physics other than mathematical equations.   By the way, the author seems to be a very experie...View More

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Average Voltage Tutorial

Date: 2019-05-04Posted by: mrpower

Average Voltage Tutorial In this tutorial we will look at calculating the “average” or mean voltage value of a sinusoidal waveform using both the mid-ordinate rule and the analytical rule. The process used to find the  Av...View More

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Compression Characteristics of Thermal Interface Gap Filler ...

Date: 2019-04-05Posted by: mrpower

Compression characteristics are a key function of gap fillers. Unlike thermal greases, the applications for gap fillers are quite different. Being mindful of compression characteristics and the factors that impact stress is important during the de...View More

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