Advancements In Thermal Management 2019

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The Advancements In Thermal Management conference educates attendees on the latest advancements in thermal management and temperature mitigation, covering topics such as electronics packaging, air and liquid cooling, heat pipes, thermal materials/TIMS, temperature sensing and control, system design and management for optimizing thermal properties.

The conference is organized for design engineers, academia, system engineers, material scientists, CTOs and R&D managers with organizations in industries and markets whose products, operations and services depend upon sophisticated and precise control of thermal properties and states.

Attend if You Work in These Industries – Aerospace, Electronics Packaging, Automotive, Semiconductor/ICs, LED Cooling, Motor Controls, Power Supplies, Discrete Electronic Devices, Telecom, Batteries, and more.


Start: August 7 @ 8:00 am; End: August 8 @ 5:00 pm.  Website:


TWST Events,  Website:


HYATT REGENCY DENVER TECH CENTER, East Tufts Avenue, Denver, Colorado, USA, 80237 United States

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