Humidity sensors offer typical accuracy of ±0.2 degrees

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The new HTU31 relative humidity sensors from TE Connectivity (TE), is now being shipped by distributor Mouser Electronics.

One of the smallest and most accurate humidity sensors on the market, the compact, high-accuracy sensors deliver reliable performance in harsh environments, including in industrial, automotive, and medical applications.

These devices are available in a digital version, with an analogue version coming soon — are surface mount relative humidity sensors with a temperature output.

The sensors offer fast response times, precision measurement, and low hysteresis, even when exposed to extreme temperature and humidity environments.

They have an operating temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 125 degrees Celsius with a typical accuracy of ±0.2 degrees.

Measuring relative humidity from 0 to 100 %, the sensors offer resolution to 0.01 and an accuracy of ±2 percent.

The HTU31 sensors feature an operating voltage range of 3.3 V to 5.5 V, and maintain an active current consumption of just 450 µA, with sleep modes down to 0.05 µA.

They are qualified according to AEC Q100 Grade 1 standards and are housed in a compact, 6-pin DFN package measuring 2.5 mm × 2.5 mm × 0.9 mm.

In addition to harsh environment performance, the sensors are also suitable for applications such as HVAC, home appliances, respiratory devices, and environmental monitoring solutions.

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