AMD Reported to Be Negotiating Purchase of Xilinx

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AMD is said to be negotiating to buy Xilinx, and a deal could come as soon as next week. If the two companies agree, the deal would likely be worth approximately $30 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The value of AMD shares has soared of late, which means it should be able to much more easily swing a deal, and pay largely in stock. The WSJ reported that AMD’s stock grew 89% this year, and the company now has a valuation over $100 billion. Xilinx, meanwhile, has had to contend with the vicissitudes of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China; it tried and failed to secure a dispensation to keep supplying Huawei.

AMD buying Xilinx would be the second mega-merger announced this year, following Nvidia’s announcement it intends to buy Arm Holdings for $40 billion.

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