Leti and Intel to combine on chiplet packaging

Date:2020-11-03 09:06:37 Posted by:coowa View:119

Leti today announced a new collaboration with Intel on advanced 3D and packaging technologies for processors to advance chip design.

The research will focus on assembly of smaller chiplets, optimizing interconnection technologies between the different elements of microprocessors, and on new bonding and stacking technologies for 3D ICs, especially for HPC applications.

In 2019, Intel introduced a 3D-stacking technology called Foveros.v  

At June 2020’s IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference, CEA-Leti received the best paper award for its work, carried out at IRT Nanoelec, on silicon active interposer as a promising solution towards 3D heterogeneous integration.  

News source: https://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/business/leti-intel-combine-chiplet-packaging-2020-10/

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