Apple, Google and LG join 6G development group

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Apple, Google and LG have joined the Next G Alliance, a coalition of companies founded in October by The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) with the aim to establish North America as a leader in 6G.

Members include: Ericsson, Nokia, Charter Communications; Cisco; Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Intel; Keysight Technologies; Mavenir; MITRE; and VMware.

Huawei is not a member. Companies banned from supplying US government agencies are ineligible.

The group’s first meeting is scheduled for next Monday. Members plan  to establish a working group early next year.

6G aims to deliver download speeds of around 95Gbps. GaN HEMT transistors have been suggested as a route to achieving THz frequencies.

Earlier this month, China put a satellite into orbit to test THz communications in space.

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