NIO Announces 150 kWh Solid-State Batteries For 2022

Date:2021-01-12 00:47:55 Posted by:coowa View:24

The new batteries will achieve an ultra-high energy density of 360 Wh/kg.

NIO has officially announced today a groundbreaking upcoming battery option for its electric cars - 150 kWh battery packs, consisting of ultra-high energy density solid-state cells.

It's not yet available, but the Chinese company is confident that it will start customer deliveries of those new 150 kWh packs from the fourth quarter of 2022 - that's almost two years from now.

NIO first started with a 70 kWh battery in 2018, then introduced 84 kWh in 2019 and most recently 100 kWh versions in late 2020. A cool thing is that those batteries were upgradable so the old cars could be equipped with higher capacity batteries.

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