Temperature sensor provides highly accurate and stable performance

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TE Connectivity has been able to offer critical temperature sensing solutions for a variety of applications. To continue to satisfy customer demand, the company is now providing custom packaging for resistance temperature detectors platinum thin-film elements, which deliver highly accurate and stable performance in challenging applications that need fast and precise feedback as well as energy efficiency and stability. With globally interchangeable drop-in elements, the company can design and develop probes and assemblies with custom packaging for various applications to satisfy customer specifications.

“There is a growing demand for temperature sensors that provide high accuracy and precision measurement with the ability to be easily designed into new and existing applications,” said Noel Burke, senior manager, product management, TE Connectivity. “TE’s custom packaging for RTD platinum thin-film elements allows us to elevate our existing sensor solutions capabilities and better serve our customers, especially those in the industrial, medical and automotive industries.”

News source: https://www.electropages.com/2021/01/temperature-sensor-provides-highly-accurate-and-stable-performance

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