China Arm-based server chip company to close

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Huaxintong Semiconductor is a three year-old jv between Qualcomm and the Guizhou Province of China.

Huaxintong was set up to pursue Arm-based server chips.

Qualcomm owned 45% of the jv and Guizhou province 55%.

According to The Information, Qualcomm and Guizhou had invested $570 million in Huaxintong by August 2018.

Qualcomm recently decided to follow Broadcom and AMD in giving up developing Arm-based server chips.

The Huaxintong decision leaves Marvell, which took over Cavium’s ThunderX effort, and Ampere, which took over Applied Micro’s X-Gene project, as the only companies left pursuing Arm-based server chips.

It is reported that Huaxintong will be closed down by the end of April.  

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