Signalchip launches India’s first indigenous semiconductor chips for 4G LTE, 5G NR modems

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NEW DELHI: Bengaluru-based fab-less semiconductor company, Signalchip on Wednesday launched India’s first semiconductor chips for 4G/LTE and 5G NR modems.

The company launched four chips as part of its SCBM34XX and SCRF34XX/45XX series, code-named ‘Agumbe’. 

The four chips include SCBM3412 (single chip 4G/LTE modem), SCBM3404 (single chip 4X4 LTE), SCRF3402 (2X2 transceiver for LTE) and SCRF4502 (2X2 transceiver for 5G NR standards). The chips also support positioning using India’s own satellite navigation system, NAVIC. 

The RF sections cover all LTE/5G-NR bands upto 6GHz, the company said. 

The Agumbe series builds up on SCRF1401 which was supposedly India’s first RF transceiver chip for high performance wireless standards like 3G/4G and WiFi, created by Signalchip in 2015. 

Signalchip mentioned that the chips are optimally designed to support evolving network architectures like Open RAN/CRAN with flexible interface configurations. 

"These chips are a significant step in this direction as they have the potential to cater to the growing digital connectivity needs of the next 5 billion users," said telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan while unveiling the chips. 

“Silicon chip design is a very challenging activity requiring high-cost R&D, deep knowhow and mastery of multiple complex domains. Hence, this technology is not available in most countries,” said Himamshu Khasnis, founder and CEO of Signalchip. 

The Economic Times:

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