Huawei's brand Honor launches smart TV

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Honor, one of the two signature smartphone brands of Huawei Technologies Co, unveiled its first smart TV on Saturday, marking the company's official entry into the TV-related sector amid mounting competition.

It is the also the first electronic products that is powered by its in-house operating system Harmony OS, as Huawei aims to build its own software ecosystem for the era of the internet of things.

Zhao Ming, president of Honor, said the company aims to leverage its years of innovation in smartphones to reshape the role of TV in daily lives.

On top of boasting the entertainment features of traditional TVs, Honor's smart-screen product comes with a 55-inch screen and will function as a hub for information sharing for families and a center for multi-device interaction.

Priced from 3,799 yuan ($538), the TV comes with Wi-Fi chips which are used in smartphones, providing seamless experience. Zhao said.

Content from video steaming sites including Tencent Video and MGTV are available on Honor's smart TV.

It is also equipped with an artificial-intelligence-enabled camera for smooth television calls and supports playing mobile games on smart TVs with low latency.

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